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Project Update – April 2014


The last Monday of each month I’ll tell you guys my plans for the next month. This will include what I’m going to publish, what I’m going to work on, and special occasions – as writing days and such. I will however not write about the reviews and quizzes that will come.



These are stories that are going to be published in April. Be sure to read them – They will be published on Sundays.

“Burning” – Chapter 7:
I’m almost finished writing it, and my wonderful Beta has already started correcting what I have written. The original publication day was April 2nd, but when I decided only to release stories on Sundays, it got pushed back to the 6th insead. As of now, the chapter is of 2k words.

“Ninjaenes forundelige kjærlighetsbånd” – Chapter 4:
This was my first fanfiction ever and was written in Norwegian. Lately my Norwegian Beta has gone through it with me, and I’ve released all the three previous published once anew after the correcting. The fourth chapter was also written a long time ago, but I never published it – something that is gonna change now.

“Tainted Love” – Chapter 1:
I actually started writing this one years ago, but I guess I just got busy with a lot of other stuff. Anyway, the story is about Kiba and Hinata from “Naruto”, and is based on song titles that was randomly picked.

“Et skritt til” – OneShot:
Looking through my old stuff this this summer, I found some of my old stories. This is one of them. The story is in Norwegian – and is kinda depressing. Still, it’s something I’ve written, even though I’m quite different from who I was then.


In progress:

Stories I’m planning to work on so that they can be published later:

“Melissa Kaien” – Chapter 1:
My “Harry Potter” story from some years ago. It’s about my own character that is name Melissa Kaien, and that has been transferred to Hogwarts. I’m as good a done, but I’m gonna run it by my friend to do fandom check before publishing it.

“De tolv helikoptere” – OneShot
I found this with my old stuff. It’s in Norwegian, and is based on an old and rather old fairy tail. The background for this story is a homework where we were to modernize an old story. It might be a little stupid, but I still kinda like it. My plan is to get it Beta’ed and then published in May..

“Moon Witches” – Chapter 1
One night that I was looking out the window and out into the night sky, I got an idea for an original story. I haven’t really started on it yet, but I planning to work on it in April, and maybe publish a chapter in May.


Original – Poem – Life Journey

Language Genre Rated
English Life / Spiritual K
Sunday is the day of relaxation, so why not sit back and read a little poem I wrote?This is a poem I wrote quite a while back, but in a way, when I read the poem, I still feel the same as I did when I wrote it back then.

How does it make you feel? And what do you think?

My poems Read it here

Fruits Basket – I’m going for you

Language Genre Rated
English Friendship / Romance K+

Another one-day-challenge – this time the challenge “Writing White” in the spirit of White Day.
This time I chose one of the fandoms I’ve read most fanfics from – FRUITS BASKET!

And btw, if enough of you are interested, then I might be talked into writing MY OWN story of what COULD HAVE HAPPENED in the hot springs :3
Anyway, PLEASE do tell me what you think! I wanna get better at writing, and to get there I need feedback!

  Story information Read it here

Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Smoothie of Love

Language Genre Rated
English Friendly / Romance K
It’s been some time since Zuko and Ty Lee last saw each other. Now they meet again as Zuko arrange an open house party at his family’s beach house. Noticing that Ty Lee is no longer inside, Zuko goes outside and down to the beach to search for her. He finds her, and they finally get to catch up and remembering the good old days.
Story information Read it here