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Have you ever heard about “QuizStories”? No? Well, to sum it up fast, it’s a story that is being told, but through the story the reader get options of different kinds. In some stories the choices takes you to different outcomes, while they in other are just summed up in the end and then given a result based on your answers.

When I was younger I took a lot of there test. I really like them because they are based on an interesting consent. This story is one of my favorites from back then (2008), and when cleaning up my Google chrome favorites I stumbled across it again. Back in the old days I really loved this one, but as I’m taking the test now, notice a couple of things that kinda drags it down. The story is still fun to take, and even though it’s based on the “Naruto” fandom, the story might still be enjoyable.


The plot in this story is that you’re living with your parents, and one day they tell you that you’re moving back to Konoha to meet the FIVE GUYS that you’re ENGAGED to marry. As you arrive, you get to meet the five of them, but there are no time for romantic meetings as you instantly get into trouble. From that point you just play your part, and as the story develops, you also get to meet other candidates to your future marriage. In the end of each chapter you receive a result for that chapter. You’re job is to write down the results and then add it all up in the end to see who you’re destined to be married to.



So, I’ve taken this a couple of times before, but I decided to start fresh and just do it all once again. The story was meant to have a total of 30 chapters, but there exist only 27 of them on the page. When discovering this, I thought of holding this back until I talked with the creator, but watching the stats, there is no doubt who I would end up with. Anyway, if or when I get the answer, I’ll I could have told you my result for each chapter, but I figures it would be better with a plane “total” score. So here are the guys – in the order of their appearance:

Kiba: 12
Neji: 6
Naruto: 7
Shikamaru: 1
Sasuke: 1
Gaara: 0

So, yeah, my result was Kiba Inuzuka – something that I’m quite happy about. I think that this result is the most logical one for me – it kinda reflects me in a way. I know it might seem as I put a little too much into the result, but it’s scary how right it is. My second place was Naruto – who share many qualities and traits with Kiba. I guess the big different part is the hyper and sometimes stupid sides of Naruto would only irritate me or get on my nerves – which again leads me to Kiba.

When it comes to the others, well, Neji and I share birthdays, and I’ve always admired him – but I’m not serious enough for him. Kinda the same with Sasuke, except that he is so awesome, and I kinda have a Karin-style-crush on him – I’ve had it since I started – and I still feel the same. Shikamaru and I would probably be on and off, and poor Gaara, well, I dunno, maybe, he wasn’t that central in the story.

But yeah, lucky me <3



Here’s the first chapter of the story:

And all the chapters are listed here underneath the category with the same name:



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