Naruto – “Between The Cup and the Lip”

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“Between The Cup and the Lip”
Author: iIzzJiao
Completed: Aug 26, 2007

Anime | Naruto | English
Kiba Inuzuka & Hinata Hyuuga
Rated: T | Length: 18k words
Romance | Humor

Hinata is confused. She likes Naruto, right? But when Sakura throws a party and asks Naruto to be her date, things change. KibaHina, bitmoreslight NaruSaku.



Okay, so this is a really cute story about Kiba and Hinata. The world is not the Konoha we know, it’s now like a city in our world. The member of the Team 7, 8 and 10 is not ninjas, but are instead High School. I’ve read quite a few stories that is set to be in high school, but many of them doesn’t manage to do this fully. iIzzJiao however, has managed to convert many of the original events into a high school life!

The story takes you on a journey through Hinata’s – and sometimes Kiba’s, thoughts and feeling as certain events make them think different of each others. There is a lit of feelings, and they are really well written! The language is very natural, and there are a couple of scenes where you feel as awkward as the characters!

So to sum it up: A really cute high school story that really make you feel the characters emotions. Do try to read it – and it’s only 17.000 words – so you’ll be able to read it all within an hour^^


The first chapter is here:


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