Questions for Q&A?

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It’s aoon time for my first Q&A. To do this I need question – obviously – so do send me your question. You can send it in any way you want – you can comment here, use the form or message me somewhere else – you can even tell me in person if you know me^^.

So, the Q&A is set to be the Monday in week 17 (April 21st). I have not yet decided how many questions I’ll answer – I guess it depends on the length each answer require. Because of this variation, I’ve decided to use the questions I get within Friday 18.04 – so that I’m sure I get to answer it fully.

If you’re question is not included in this Q&A, it might be be because I got too many question – but you don’t need to worry – you’re prioritized in the next addition!

Another thing that can happen is that I find your question so interesting or important that I decide not to include it – but rather write an entire text about it – so yeah no question is to big!

I’m looking forward to getting your questions!



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