Numbers vs Realistic Numbers

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All creative people like it when their work is being seen or read. The joy that fills you up as you see the numbers of visitors, viewers or readers go up, up and over the top is such a wonderful feeling. However, is this number that we’re presented with something we can trust as people that are actually interested? Do you even care if it is?

I don’t know if some of you have noticed, but it’s often so that soon after you establish your new blog or such, you get a day or two with a lot of visitors. I’m not saying that it have to be some fungus about it – you might be lucky enough that it’s actually a truthful number, but it’s also quite likely that the web itself just thew a few visitors your way.

So, how is the creator supposed to feel about this? I mean, can it be that all the viewers are from the internet itself or just people getting there b an accident – well, except that one time you made your friend visit the link to show promote your new project.

But what about the subscribers? you might ask. Well, in some way the numbers of subscribers are a better number – since you actually have to have an account and confirm, or actually enter an email address. Still, this isn’t a real number either. Think of all those that refuse to be a member who is skeptical to the concept of giving up their email. Maybe they use RSS? or have you bookmarked?


All in all I guess there are just more and more questions the further you think about it. I guess the best thing to do is to just keep your head up, but not as high that you sees the number as the truth. A way to make this whole business better for everyone would be to actually give feedback. Not much, you don’t have to writ a novel each time – just let the creator know that you’re there.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

– WinnifredArtemis


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