WritersChallange – “LibertyPen”


Wanna join a one day writing challenge? Well, then I have the perfect event for you!

Twice before have I hosted a WritersChallange. First was the “Project Valentine”, and then, one month later the “Writing White” happened – and this time, May 8th, it’s called “Liberty Pen”.

Each of these day have their own theme – something that differ each one of the other. Earlier the theese has focused around romance, but this time the theme is liberty – how you define it is up to you.


So, what are the rules?

First of all, the whole process is to be done in one day only. You’re not to pick an idea before the clock strikes midnight, and the story is to be uploaded before the clock strikes again 24 hours later. Concerning the genre and writing style, you’re free to choose whatever you’d like – as long as it has something to do with Liberty.

Do remember to attend the FaceBook event – here more information will be given in time:
Do ask if you have any questions regarding this^^

Best of luck to you all!


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