The last Monday of each month I’ll tell you guys my plans for the next month. This will include what I’m going to publish, what I’m going to work on, and special occasions – as writing days and such. I will however not write about the reviews and quizzes that will come.


Writing Day:

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These are stories that are going to be published in May. Be sure to read them – They will be published on Sundays.

“Melissa Kaien” – Chapter 1:
My “Harry Potter” story from some years ago. It’s about my own character that is name Melissa Kaien, and that has been transferred to Hogwarts. I’m as good a done, but I’m gonna run it by my friend to do fandom check before publishing it.

“Tainted Love” – Chapter 2:
I actually started writing this one years ago, but I guess I just got busy with a lot of other stuff. Anyway, the story is about Kiba and Hinata from “Naruto”, and is based on song titles that was randomly picked.

“De tolv helikoptere” – OneShot
I found this with my old stuff. It’s in Norwegian, and is based on an old and rather old fairy tail. The background for this story is a homework where we were to modernize an old story. It might be a little stupid, but I still kinda like it. My plan is to get it Beta’ed and then published in May.

GaaMatsu  Not been given a title yet – OneShot
A cute little story I wrote back in middle school. The story is a about Matsu and Gaara in quite another setting. Both the story and the characters might been seen as quite OOC, and I guess that is a symptom I got from reading quite a few stange – though adorable, little stories back then.


In progress:

Stories I’m planning to work on so that they can be published later:

“Burning” – Chapter 8:
A new chapter of my “longfic” about Orihime and Ulquiorra is to be expected June 1st. This time I think most of the focus will be on Orihime and her view on the events. I haven’t really gotten to start writing it for real, but I have made some notes and thoughts.

“Daddy’s Devilish Diary” – OneShot
This is a story I’m writing on together with my good friend and college Pixie.

“Moon Witches” – Chapter 1
One night that I was looking out the window and out into the night sky, I got an idea for an original story. I haven’t really started on it yet, but I planning to work on it in April, and maybe publish a chapter in May.


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