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Hey, you guys!

Well, I’ve now been blogging here for about a month, and well, I thought it might be time for me to introduce / remind me of my activity on some social medias.

So, why should you follow me on these medias? There are quite a few reasons actually.
By doing so you:

  1. Let me know that my work is appreciated.
  2. Get to see my status on projects as I work on them.
  3. Get to read small teasers and previews of unpublished work.
  4. Don’t have to check this blog for updates all the time because you get it in your feed.
  5. Have the opportunity to vote when I ask for your opinion in prioritizing matters.
  6. Can easily give me pointers on previous chapter and influence upcoming ones.
  7. Have an easier way to communicate with me.
  8. Will make Winny happy :3

Convinced? Well here are the links – and don’t be afraid to contact me through them. Also, I would be more than happy if you spread the word to friends of yours that might share this interest – give them the link or simply invite them to like.




That’s all I have to say about this matter for now. If you do have any questions concerning this, then do feel free free to contact me for more information.

I hope I’ll see you all on a social media soon^^

– Winny


7 responses to “Social Media

  1. Can do! Have been reading the blog and added you on Twitter today because of this post. Enjoyed your thoughts on Monsters vs Alien and look forward to more of your posts!


    • Thank you so much! Both for commenting and following me. Are there anything special you want me to review? Any specific show or book? or any special media?

      – WA


      • Hmmm, well I’m a huge fan of Supernatural – you can review it, but only if you say nice things! ;) I’m also a fan of Fruits Basket, btw, it’s got such a sweet and enjoyable opening!

        Since you ask, though, at my blog, I made a quiz to help people find careers they might like – would be interesting to hear what your thoughts are on it. Anyway, cheers, and hope you’ve been having a great day!


      • Gawd! I just wrote the longest answer ever and it decided too die :( QQ.
        *writes this one in notepad just to be safe*

        I actually havn’t seen “Supernatural” yet. t’s on my list though, so I’ll probaly watch that next – after I’m done with Merlin. I do have some other shows that I have to catch up on, but I guess I should be able to make a review of it in July. I can however not promise that I won’t fine anything that I don’t like – I usually do.

        Well, “Fruits Basket” is one of my top 5 animes. I’m actually reading the manga now because I wanted to get some answers – and seriously there are a loooot of stuff happening. I’m gonna do a review of the manga too, and I might but in a part with “stuff that should have been included in the anime” there. Or maybe I should make a seperate post that discuss that? What do you think?

        Cool! I would love to check it out – and I might even concider putting it on my blog. What’s the link to the test?

        – WA


  2. Owch, I hate when that happens! Lol

    “Supernatural” is an interesting show. I really like it, though of course it isn’t perfect. I saw an episode while in a waiting room and it stuck in my head. Then half a year later, I was suddenly like, what was that show?? I have to see more of it! Then I got hooked on it, hehe.

    If you do like it, however, there are 9 seasons, so plenty to keep you busy!

    For Fruits Basket, I think a separate post discussing the differences between the anime and manga might be fun even if you also have a review of the manga.

    Awesome – the link to my career quiz is hope you enjoy it!



    • I know’s it’s pretty long – but I enjoy those series, and I do have a lot of time now^^ So I guess I some days can take 10 episodes or so^^

      Thanks, I’ll do that then – write one for the manga and one that compares – just have to read the rest^^ (have about 20 chapters left)

      There, I took it. Good quiz – only.. how am I gonna present the result – I might have to chop and mix a lottle – ok?

      – WA


  3. Totally understand. When I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist, I did like 10 episodes a day. It was intense, but sooo much fun

    Looking forward to your new posts on Fruits Basket.

    Really glad you liked the quiz! Am curious what your thoughts are – sure, don’t mind chopping and mixing.


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