Harry Potter – “War Paves The Way For Love”

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“War Paves The Way For Love”
Author: ThePenguinofDeath
Completed: Apr 9, 2014

Book | Harry Potter | English
Draco Malfoy & Hermione Granger
Rated: T | Length: 3k words

The war is over, and Hermione is back at Hogwarts for Seventh Year. Or Eighth Year, depending on who you ask. It’s a new chance and many things have changed – but she is still surprised by revelations about the past. Eventual Dramione.



I chose a quite short story today because I had a lot to do. That being said: A story doesn’t need to be long to be good!

So, the story is about Hermione that are having her last year at Hogwarts two years after the end of the war. We get to know the new situation at school, and how there is a lot of unexpected friendships between war heroes and pardoned death eaters. We learn that Hermione and Ginny have become good friends with Blase and Draco.

I think the story was pretty awesome. The way the new environment is described through Hermione’s thoughts while she’s still focused on her tasks was awesome. I also liked how the author was able to keep the characters real – adding a natural mature touch to their emotions. I also love the way the story goes. It’s a clean an simple story – but you feel like there’s a lot more happening.

To sum it up: I really liked it and I think you should read it too^^


Read it here:


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