May you rest in peace, Chriz.

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Yesterday night I got a call from my friend. She brought grave news. Our dear friend and collage had been found dead in his home. He and I might not have had the closest of bonds, but we new each other for many years and he was an important part of my life.


I remember well how we met. I was looking for other that were going to the DesuCon convention, someone that I could sit on the train with. Little did I know that I not only had found a train buddy, but also a friend for life. Cause a short while after adding him on FaceBook I shared PolyStudio’s newest fandub. He commented and wanted to join the group, and soon he was included in the Poly-family. Soon after I met him in real life.


Through the years we have known each other, you’ve always been there if needed. You were a kind heated person that always was willing to help your friends. I have a lot of fond memories from our time together – be it on conventions, celebrating the new year or staying in cabin together for a week in the summers.


Your optimism and enthusiasm will not be forgotten, and neither will you. We will always remember you as one of our best friends and all the good times we had together.

May you rest in peace.



One response to “May you rest in peace, Chriz.

  1. I did not know him for long, but we kinda connected were well.. and we had some great conversations… Missing him already..:c R.I.P


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