Happy birthday, Norway

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Happy birthday Norway, and happy birthday to all you Norwegians out there! Today is our national day – the day we got our own constitution and became independent form Sweden! It’s not only the usual celebration of the date that we have each and every year, no, this year its 200 years since it happen!

To those unaware of the tradition, the morning starts with children gathering at their schools and then marching together with a marching band down to town where they gather up to one long parade that walks through the town and ending up on a town square where a speech are being hold. After this, the kids get picked up by their parents and they usually ends up somewhere eating hot-dogs, ice cream and soda.

So, yeah, it’s something that makes you really tired. I myself played with the marching band from I was 8 until it was my graduation year from high school. It was many hours of marching, and you end up having quite sore feet for a couple of days – but it’s so worth it! It’s such a fun day, and it really brings even the smaller communities to life.

So yeah, and here is a picture I took while watching the parade today:

2014-05-17 08.17.33

I know I said people usually went to buy ice cream and stuff, but today we decided to go straight home and rather spend the day doing puzzles with granny :3 And as you can see, it turned out rather well:

2014-05-17 17.14.18

So there you go^^ I hope you all have had a wonderful day and that you’ll enjoy the rest of it too.

To finish up I’ll put up a video from the celebration – it’s from this year but from 2011, but if you don’t know the way we celebrate – this is still an good example.


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