6 years of Fanfiction

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I really can’t believe what I saw the other day when logging into my Quizilla account. It was only by coincidence that I saw it… I was checking my profile information – stating that I am 15 years, and then I saw it: my date of registration was the 22th of May 2008! This mean that today it’s my SIX years anniversary!

That fact is kinda dull and plain by it’s own, but the reason why I joined Quizilla was because I had just begun reading fanfiction – and stupid me only knew of this site to do so. So yeah, I joined this community of quizzes and stories because of the stories I loved to read and also to become a part of it myself.


So there you have it. If it hadn’t been for Quizilla, I probably wouldn’t have started writing fanfics.

Even though Qz kinda was the birth of my writing – and some of my stories are still there, I decided to start using ff.net instead – which you can see if you follow the links to my stories.

I can’t believe it’s been six years already – and I kinda can’t say that I’ve produced enough to make me a productive writer… Oh well, let’s just hope for that to change in the future^^

– Winny


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