Big changes for the publishing of my GaaMatsu

Hey you guys!

I just wanted to give you an explanation before I publish this weeks story. Why? Well, because I kinda told you something but then all changed and a lot happened even after that.

So, you know the story that is scheduled for this Sunday – the GaaMatsu one without a name? Well, first off I want to inform you that it’s been given a name – more than one actually. First it was called “What was unsaid”, but then my beta betaread it, and we decided to change it to “What was left unsaid”. This thing it that when I read trough it now, a much better title came to me: “In between the lines“. So, yeah, that’s the name of it from now on.

Also, the story was supposed to be a oneshot, but the thing is that when I translated it from Norwegian to English, it grew – monster style too! The whole original story was of 900 words, while I managed to translate the first 300 words into 1.300. So yeah, it quite a bit longer. Because of this – and also because I’m not quite finished with all of it, I’v decided to divide it into 3 chapters.

Well, I hope you don’t mind it too much – and remember that it’s a lot better now that I’ve worked with it instead of just simply translating it.

I would of course love getting feedback on the first chapter when being published tomorrow.

Until next time
– Winny


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