The last Monday of each month I’ll tell you guys my plans for the next month. This will include what I’m going to publish, what I’m going to work on, and special occasions – as writing days and such. I will however not write about the reviews and quizzes that will come.


Writing Day:

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These are stories that are going to be published in June. Be sure to read them – They will be published on Sundays.

“Burning” – Chapter 8:
So yeah, I’ve kinda gotten into a rhythm when it comes to “Burning”. Every first Sunday of every second month I publish a new chapter. This time most of the chapter is going to be focused around Orihime and her view on the events.

“The Girl With The Ribbon” – Chapter 2:
A new chapter of my “Harry Potter” story. Chapter two continues where the first one left off. Melissa will get to Hogwarts and she’ll be taken to the castle and the welcome ceremony.

“In between the lines”  Part 2:
The second part will continue where the first one left off, and this one has more action in it.

“Moon Witches” – Chapter 1
My first original story in a while. It’s a witch story, so you better expect some magic and witch circles. The story is set to our time, so I guess you can say that the story is the typical one.

“De tolv helikoptere” – OneShot
I found this with my old stuff. It’s in Norwegian, and is based on an old and rather old fairy tail. The background for this story is a homework where we were to modernize an old story. It might be a little stupid, but I still kinda like it. I originally planned for it to be published in May, but I realized that I wanted to work on i a little first.


In progress:

Stories I’m planning to work on so that they can be published later:

“Tainted Love” – Chapter 3:
.The story continues, and this time the chapter is waaaay longer than the two previous ones.

“Daddy’s Devilish Diary” – OneShot
This is a story I’m writing on together with my good friend and college Pixie. It’s about Alice from “The Last Apprentice”, and I guess you can say it’s kinda dark. Rated M for more than one reason.

“In between the lines”  Part 3:
The third and last part of the story. Well, I don’t know what else to tell you than that the story reaches it’s end, and that it’s kinda sweet and funny.


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