Never delete a chapter!

Are you using or to publish your works? Well, if you are then let me give you a little tips from personal experience.

Lately I’ve been taking all my old stories and getting them beta’ed to improve your reader experience. One of the stories I did a lot of work on was “Ninjaenes forundelige kjærlighetsbånd“. Earlier this one was consisted only of one chapter with all parts, but in the beta process I managed to make my 14 parts into 4 chapters.

Here is where I made my mistake: Instead of just exporting the chapter and edit it almost from scratch in the doc manager, I just uploaded it as new docs and just removed the existing chapter  from the story manager.

Not a good idea…

Well, I guess it could have been worse, I mean, it wasn’t the end of the world or anything, but when I deleted that chapter, all that had happened to that chapter disappeared. All the comments, the followers, the favorites, and even the views disappeared. So, yeah, it’s was kinda like starting from scratch again…

Fortunately it wasn’t a really popular story, so the views weren’t that many, but I still miss those 220 views it had – and I’ve chosen to always add that number to my “total views count”.

Anyway, I hope this might help you in some way and make sure you don’t make the same mistake that I did.

Until next time
– WA


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