Q&A – June

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Time for a new Q&A. I notice that these time the questions were mostly about my writing/blogging and not me as a person^^

– You’ve haven’t kept your publishing dates, why?

Well, sorry about that. I did put up a lot of dates both her on my blog and on ff.net. One of the reasons were so that I could push myself to write more, but I also did it so that you would see me as a more ‘serious’ writer.

– Why is ‘Burning’ updated so rarely?

‘Burning’ is a story I started on a long time ago and because of this I really want to be sure I’m happy with the results. The reason for the very long breaks were caused by the fact that I just couldn’t find ‘the perfect way’ to end the chapter. Since I started writing again I’ve kinda got ridden of that rule. But yeah, if you meant the two mounts between each update that is the interval now, then it’s because I have a lot of other writing too, and that I don’t feel like rushing it. If you thing I should focus more – then do vote on my poll on ff.net or just tell me – cause I’m more than happy to let you have a saying in my prioritizing.

– Which story do you enjoy writing the most?

Oh, that’s a difficult one… I guess I really like to write my new and ORIGINAL story that will be publish in July – at least the first chapter. The story will kinda be like a book, and I really, really like it. Be sure to subscribe to me on different social medias and on fictionpress.net (winnifredartemis) to get read when it’s out.

– What kinds of reviews are you going to publish on your blog?

I’ll publish a little of everything I guess. Untiol now it’s been Anime, Movies, TVshows and WEBseries and also fanfictions, but I’m also planning to do some mangas, books and games. I guess you could say that I’m up for anything. So yeah, do you want something reviewed do tell me. The only thing is that it might take some time – especially if it’s a long series. (See, I haven’t forgotten you and ‘Supernatural’).


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