Once again there’s time to get your pen and paper ready. The rules are the same, but this time the theme is: Playing with fire. You choose yourself what the theme means to you.

This is the fourth time a WritersChallange is arranged – and the second one that is on FaceBook. Each of these day have their own theme – something that differ each one of the other. Earlier the themes have been:

  • “Project Valentine”
  • “Writing White”
  • “Liberty Pen”
  • and now: “Playing With Fire”


So, what are the rules?

Are you new to the concept of “WritersChallange” then I’ll give you a brief introduction:

  • You got 24 hours to work. Within these hours you’re to create the idea, write the story/product, and publish it on the internet.
  • There are no limits to either genre or setting. You get write a fanfiction, a poem, a song or an original story.
  • Each event has it’s own theme. This will be the theme of your work, but how you choose to use it are up to you.

Do remember to attend the FaceBook event – here more information will be given in time:
Do ask if you have any questions regarding this^^
Feel free to invite others that might be interested.

Best of luck to you all!


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