Project update – July 2014


Okay, so previously I’ve been using this to give you the names and information of the projects I would publish. This has not changed but I have done some changes.

First off I’m not giving you the dates for publications. I am now giving you a progress report in percent instead. If you’ve been to my profile then you know what I’m talking about.

Secondly I’m not only giving you the four ‘next’ stories, I’m giving you an update on all of them. I’m doing this because I think it will be more interesting and informative for you to see the progress on those stories that you’re interested in – even though these might not be updated in the very nearest future.



tainted loveNaruto  “Tainted Love”:
Status: Chapter 4 – 0% left to write – Finished Beta’ed
The story continues, and this time the chapter is waaaay longer than the two previous ones.

gaara-matsuri-gaamatsu29bymomochan510-big[1]Naruto – “In between the lines”:
Status: Chapter 3 – 0% left – Waiting to be beta’ed
Matsuri has gotten ready and leaves the house to go see Gaara. What will happen?

ULQUIHIME-bleach-anime-22265987-1400-1050[1]Bleach – “Burning”:
Status: Chapter 9 – 5% left to write and beta.
There will be some really big turns in this chapter and it will also give you some answers to previously asked questions.

The Last Apprentice – “Daddy’s Devilish Diary”:
Status: Oneshot – 10% left to write and beta
This is a story I’m writing on together with my good friend and college Pixie. It’s about Alice from “The Last Apprentice”, and I guess you can say it’s kinda dark. Rated M for more than one reason.

4594678-16487-red-decoration-ribbon-curled-in-heart-shape-isolated-on-white-background[1]Harry Potter – “The Girl With The Ribbon”:
Status: Chapter 3 – 80% left to write and beta.
What will happen when some mystical creature attacks the train? Will the students survive it and finally reach their destination?

Naruto – ShikaIno [Not named yet]:
Status: Chapter 1 – 40% left to write beta.
For many years now have Shikamaru never been able to sleep long the day after his birthday. Each time feeling that there’s something he should be doing, but what is it? and will he figure it out in time?

Naruto – GaaSaku [Not named yet – His word?]:
Status: Chapter 1 – 60% left to write and beta.
Gaara is new to his position of Kazekage, and the job wasn’t made easier by the death of Chiu-baa-sama. To assist him in his job, and to fill the gap of a missing healer, Sakura is sent to to Sunagakure. Set to a time between Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden.

Naruto_CouplesNaruto – “Ninjaenes forundelige kjærlighetsbånd” [Norwegian]:
Status: Chapter 5 – Will not continue until requested.
What will happen when they Ino and Shikamaru finishes their shopping and get back home?


Original Stories:

Original Story – “De tolv helikoptere” [Norwegian]:
Status: OneShot – 0% left – Waiting to be beta’ed
I found this with my old stuff. It’s in Norwegian, and is based on an old and rather old fairy tail. The background for this story is a homework where we were to modernize an old story. It might be a little stupid, but I still kinda like it. I originally planned for it to be published in May, but I realized that I wanted to work on i a little first.

Original Story  “Moon Witches”:
Status: Chapter 1 – 10% left to write and beta.
My first original story in a while. It’s a witch story, so you better expect some magic and witch circles. The story is set to our time, so I guess you can say that the story is the typical one.


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