Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. I have a feeling that the way that I update might irritate some of you. What I’m talking about is the variety of themes. I kind of understand it. I mean, you might follow me because of my stories, and then I have a period where I just spam you with reviews of all kinds. Or of course the other way around: you’re waiting for more reviews but only get som weekly update on what I’m writing.

So, here the thing I’ve been thinking about: Should I just make a new and separate blog for my reviews? In time this might also include a separate personal blog too. So that you only have to get what you ask for and nothing more – and if you’d like both than you can just follow both ^^ And should I maybe just keep this one plain with only links down to the different areas?

I want your thoughts about this, so give a vote and / or post a comment where you tell me what you think and what you’re interested in reading.

Well, that all I guess. I’ll try not to look at this until next week – when I preferably have gotten more than one answer.

Until then
– WA


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