What’s up? (Writing and Reviews)

So, you guys might be wondering what’s been happening lately – both mith my reviews and my writing. Well, I’ll try to give you a little update – and some of my plans for the near future, okay?


Okay, so I kinda had as a goal to publish something every sunday – be it a new story, a  chapter or even a song or poem. This went very well from March to to the middle of September. After that… Well, I’ve just had a little to much on my hands and in my head. Anyway, I haven’t stopped writing – no danger there. I guess I just needed a little space to breath. This doesn’t necessary mean that I’ll go back to my weekly updates – I’ll try, but I won’t make a promise that I can’t keep.

My plans for the future publishing is to mainly focus on finishing those short stories – those with 3-4 chapters – that I’ve started to publish. After this I think I’ll mainly focus on ‘Tainted Love’ and also on some one shots. This is however not something I can promise – and the feedback I get from you guys also decide where my path goes. So yeah, if you want me to do something – like focus on a certain story or to write a new one – then DO TELL ME! Okay? I’m not an all mighty power that isn’t interested in your opinions and ideas – I really wanna hear it^^


As you’ve might have read – I’ve chosen to move all my reviews and first impressions to a seperate blog. I did this to make it easier and better for you to decide whether you’d like to follow my writing or my reviews. What I’ve done up to now is just moving all those I had written here and fitted them into the template I use there, I’ve also added a few new ones. Feel free to check it out and to follow it ^^

HOWEVER all the reviews of the fanfictions will stay here – I’m gonna give them a little makeover though. So yeah, if you’re interested in reading my suggestions of fanfics to read – then this is the place to stay. The new about this is that the post will be a little different. I’m not gonna pick a random fanfic, but rather present you with a few that I really liked and that I suggest you should read.

I guess that’s all fro the time being^^
Remember that I’m open for all kinds of questions concerning y works.
Ask me on social media or by sending a form here on WordPress^^

– Winny


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