New Design

Okay, so as you guys might notice – I’ve changed the design on my blog a little. Why? Well, even though I loved the other one, it just didn’t use enough space – and the menu and widgets were just too big and stretched out. So yeah, I kinda miss the old one, but I think I’ll come to love this one too – and here I get to use my fantastic banner!

So, is that all that’s new? No, it’s not.

For quite a long time now have I been wanting story pages. Not one with all of then, no, one for each story. Those that visited my wix page might know what I’m talking about. Why would I do this? Well, I think that it’s an amazing opportunity to show you more than letters and words, and also let you get a more Winny-view of the whole thing.

Confused? Well, let’s just say that one this page you will not only see summaries, genres and links; but also picture of the characters, of the situations, and you get to hear the music I used as inspiration. On top of that I will also share some thoughts of the idea, how the ideas and plot changed as I wrote, and also see my floor plans for the houses the charters live in.

To put it simple: You will get all of my material – except the forthcoming chapters :P

Need some more convincing? Well, I’ve stated one one story – my ‘Merlin’ story: ‘A jealous queen’. Even though you don’t follow the story or know the fandom I recommend you to take a look at the design. Oh, and just so you know: The banner is only there for now. I’ll make a own one for the story.

Be sure to tell me what you think. Did you like the idea and the design? Why? Why not? What would you change or add?
Tell me your opinion either her as a comment or by using the form on the CONTACT page^^


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