NaNoWriMo 2014 – Week 2

Word Count Timeline Goal
27.724 16 / 30 50.000
Yet another NaNoWriMo week has passed by, so I guess it’s time for another check-up!

What have I been doing?
This week I have mostly focused on my Christmas Project – so now 12 of the 24 days are complete + the information chapter (Chapter Zero) that I’m gonna publish in advance of December.

I have written two new oneshots, started on two others and, in addition to that, I’ve also began translating one of my Norwegian stories. The English one will have a larger word count – both because of the language differences, but also because I’ve chose to rewrite some parts and adding a little here and there.

How is my schedule looking?
Just as last time. I’m just about on schedule. or, actually, I’m 373 words ahead – not that that is much.

What am I gonna work on until next week?
Because I didn’t get to complete some of the goals I put up last week, I’m gonna try them once again. So I’ll try finishing ‘Tainted Love’ Ch 8 and my Dresden-story. I’m not sure. Maybe start on one of my other planned oneshots or maybe even work on another ‘Daddy’s Devilish Diary’ with GoldenWhiteRose. But, first of all I’ll take a look at ‘Burning 11’.

Still, just as I mentioned last week: I might run out of ideas for new oneshots. So, if you do have a request – send it to me, okay?

That’s it for now. I’m actually more excited than last wee. I mean, I’ve already passed the number of words I managed to write during July. So, I can say with certainty that I’ll pass my personal goal of 30.000 words within the month. Next goal is 40.000, but of cause I’m not giving up on the 50.000 one!

Anyway, I you’re a fellow writer – Keep writing! You can do this. And if you wanna sprint with me – just say the word^^

Until next time.
– Winny

NaNoWriMo Nov. 2014

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