Attack on Titan – Every Girl is Capable of Murder

Language Genre Rated
English Friendship / Hurt / Comfort T
My first Attack on Titan story! I wrote this back in November, but I just didn’t get to publish it before now.Those that know me in person know that I’m not the biggest fan of the show, but let me just say this: I really like the characters – and especially some of them. It’s mostly the concept that I’m a little uncertain of. That and the fact that the story is one that likes killing off my favorite characters… But yeah. This is not gonna stop me entirely – I’m actually planning 4 more AoT stories in the future – so be sure to follow me if you like this one.

Please do tell me what you think of this story. I really love getting to know what you guys think of – be it good or bad. Every time I get a review I get more enthusiastic and want to write more. So yeah, write something to me, and I’ll get write more for you^^

Story information Read it here

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