CampNaNoWriMo – 2015 – April – CountDown

Word Count Timeline Goal
0 0 / 30 30.000
April will soon be upon us all, and so, here are my plans and goals.

What do I want to achieve?
My goal will (as always) to be able to push myself to continue my existing stories and to create (and complete) a couple of short stories. Basically it’s more about the quantity than quality this month. The reason behind this choice is that I want to train my brain to be able to handle writing on the same piece in a longer period of time.
My goal for the word count is basically 30.000. The reason behind this is that I think this goal should be reachable even while having both work and school in addition to CampNaNoWriMo. Also, the number 30k is easily and nicely divided to 1k each day for 30 days. However, I’m not excluding the idea of 50k. If I’m close to it, then I’ll probably try to push myself over that line, but I feel that it’s better to have a more realistic goal, which make a bigger chance for ending up succeeding.

How do I plan to work?
I will try to write something every day, but the amount of words will make me able to write for 2 or maybe even 3 days at once. Still, I want to try writing the daily amount each day and only let the extra amount be a bonus.

These are the projects that I already have decided to work on.

Fanfic – Bleach – “Burning”: 
This is my longest and most popular story. However, I’m not really good at updating it, and I want to use this month to force myself to write at least two new chapters. Also, I want to make a more detailed plan for the future chapters.

Fanfic – Naruto – “Tainted Love”:
In September I decided that I would focus my energy on this story so that I could more actively publish the remaining chapters. This didn’t happen, but I’ll try to make up for it by writing at least three new chapters as well as expanding my notes for the future chapters. In addition to this, I will try to draw some sketches of the characters home, the placement of important places and such.

Fanfic – Harry Potter – “The Girl with the Ribbon”:
I haven’t worked on this since the Camp in July. the reason for this is that it’s a lot of research behind it, and that makes the writing process slower. During this camp I wish to write one new chapter, but mostly make a plan with all the information I will need for the writing of three to four new chapters. Additionally I wish to make some sketches and a more detailed plan for future chapters.

Fanfic – Naruto – “Jane Austens: Ino”:
This will not be something I focus on, but since the job with this one requires the least concentration and energy, I’ll try to look at this instead of YouTube videos in my breaks.

Fanfic – Vampire Knight – “A Bloody Rose”:
This is a project that will be completed. I only need two more chapters and these were originally meant to be finished in february, but that still only exists in my head.

Fanfic – Shugo Chara – “You better be there!”:
This was my story from Project Valentine. I did share the document link to the other participants, but it was not published. The reason behind this was that it was really poorly done, and that even I wasn’t able to publish it without major rewriting and polishing. My goal is to do my best to make this story something that I feel like I can publish.

Fanfic – Naruto – [Untitled story about the Uchiha]:
I’m doing a collaboration with another writer, but I haven’t been able focus on the story yet. This will probably be my first priority this month.

Article – “Writers Word”:
For the longest time I was thinking of writing articles on my blog to share my experiences and thoughts that had to do with writing. Before christmas I began the planning of the process, but I have yet to execute it. My goal is to do some work on these and hopefully be able to write at least some articles.

Blog – Reviews:
I have a another blog that is for reviews. This one was quite active earlier, but lately I haven’t been doing much on it. I hope that I can do something about this. The first thing I would do would be to write reviews for those shows that I have earlier written a ‘first impression’ of.

These are my plans for the 30 days of April. Even though I think I probably won’t be able t do it all, I’m still willing to give my best in trying. In the end, all that I get done is one more thing that I wouldn’t have been done if I hadn’t tried. That said, all that is left is to stock up your supplies and sit back to wait for April to come.

Until next time,
– Winny

CampNaNoWriMo April 2015

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