CampNaNoWriMo – 2015 – April – Week 1

Word Count Timeline Goal
15.620 9 / 30 30.000
It’s been about one week since the beginning of Camp NaNoWriM0 – and that means that it’s time for a check-up!

What have I been doing?
Well, as soon as the clock ticked passes midnight and into April I jumped unto my stack of projects. I did this because I know that I’m gonna get discouraged later, so why not be ahead of myself as early in the process as possible? That, and I was also gonna leave in the morning to go on a vacation.

Up til today I’ve been working on ‘A Bloody Rose’ – I’ve actually completed the two last parts, I’ve completed a chapter of ‘Burning’, I’ve written two oneshots, and also an article and some reviews..

How is my schedule looking?
Even though it was a vacation it wasn’t without writing. I did try to do my best – and I made sure that I passed the daily amount for the 30k-goal. However, I’ve been a good girl and I’ve had some awesome days – and this actually makes me able to say that I’m actually ahead of schedule – and not only the 30k one (9.000 words), but also the 50k (15.000 words)!

What am I gonna work on until next week?
To be honest I’m just gonna push further just to get the count up. I’m not really sure on which projects, but I’ll probably try to complete some oneshots, and also work on ‘Tainted Love’.

Anyway, I you’re a fellow writer – Keep writing! You can do this. Ad if you wanna sprint with me – just say the word^^ And if you aren’t, well, how about leaving a suggestion for a story – preferably a oneshot – on this page here: [LINK].

Until next time.
– Winny

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015

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