Naruto – She already knew (The Uchiha-Clan Massacre)

Language Genre Rated
English Hurt / Comfort / Tragedy T
Yey! Time for yet another WritersChallange! At this time last year I was writing a piece from Fruits Basket where I basically took a scene from the anime and flipped the POV to one of my favorite characters.Much have happened since then, and this time I decided to do something new with the theme. Instead of the ordinary ‘white day’ concept, I chose to use it another way. Can you see what I did?

Here’s another collab! Yeah, that’s right! I’ve done it again. This one is with another fandom and with another writer though.

It started when I received a PM about my Christmas story (“A very Naruto Christmas”), and with it, there was also an invite to so a collab. So yeah, that didn’t take much time. What did take time was the writing – and that’s my fault. BUT, in the end. we were able to get this piece done^^ And I’m actually quite happy with it^^As always I’d like to know what you guys think of my story, so it would be nice if you left a review.

Story information Read it here

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