CampNaNoWriMo – 2015 – April – Week 2

Word Count Timeline Goal
25.678 15 / 30 30.000
Okay, so we’ve passed the second week, and we are now halfway into NaNo! Well, to be honest it’s kinda scary? Why`? Well, even though I’m still ahead of my goal when it comes to number of words, I haven’t been good at writing on the project I had decided to work on. So yeah, I’m kinda a little – or actually a lot – behind on that front. *cough* Well, I hope this will change – and feel free to scream at me – maybe that will help?

What have I been doing?
This week I’ve tried to complete a couple of stories, but did that happen? No, it didn’t. Not that I didn’t try to, but I just didn’t ‘feel’ the scene – if that makes sense. I did get to do something though – two stories based on a Korean drama that just completed. It’s awesome and it’s called ‘Healer’. So yeah, one is in the late editing process, so it should be published soon. I’ve also done quite a bit on ‘Jane Austen’s: Ino’, and I’ve also worked on some non-story-related writing. Oh, and I’ve been posting stuff on and doing some renovating on this blog^^

How is my schedule looking?
Honestly, it doesn’t look that bad. I mean, I set out to do 30.000 words, and I’m now past 25.000 – so it’s looking great in that way. The thing is that I kinda hoped to do the 50.000 one – which basically is the official NaNo-count, but I’ve sinned a little. Sure, it doesn’t look shabby, but I fell behind a little, and even though I caught up, I’m now realizing that I’m probably gonna exhaust myself within the end of the month. Yup, this looks promising when you consider the fact that my exams starts in about a week…

What am I gonna work on until next week?
Until next week? I guess I should beat up my non-functioning self-control. It has not been working lately, and I have to do something about that. So yeah. After that is taken care of, I’ll do my best to complete all my unfinished one-shot and last chapters. I really have to many projects going on now, and I need to ‘clean up’ my desk a little so that I can focus on my bigger projects. Speaking of big projects; I’ve just gotten into the process of planning a new multi-chapter one. Yeah, it’s a bad idea since I’m so slow, but I’m not alone this time, and I hope that will push my speed-button a bit

Until next time.
– Winny

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2015

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