Vampire Knight – A Bloody Rose – Part 5 – The Unacceptable Price

Language Genre Rated
English Romance / Hurt / Comfort T
For some reason I always feel like apologizing when writing these Authors Notes. I guess it has something with the fact that my life unfortunately isn’t predicable or able to be put on a schedule. Still, I want you guys to know that I really don’t push my projects back just because I don’t feel like doing them – be course I really wanna write and share them with you guys!Speaking of reasons to apolegize… *cough* When I started on ‘A bloody rose’, it was meant to be a oneshot. However, since I didn’t get the time (because it was a part of a challenge), I decided to make it a 3-parted story. I then figured out that if I was to so, the ending would be quite sudden, so I went for 5 instead.

This is not news, but what’s new is that I once again announce more chapters. No, it’s not because of a sudden end – I could have ended it, but it’s because I have a feeling that quite a few of you wouldn’t have been pleased with the ending that I had originally planned for the story to have. So yeah, in hope to make more of you happy, I’ve rewritten the course of the story – which means a few additional chapters.

If you’re interested in knowing the originally planned ending, just leave a review requesting for it, and I’ll send you a brief summary of a paragraph or two.

Okay, so that was quite a long AN, but I felt that it had to be done and that you deserved to know what’s going on.
That said, I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter.
Please do tell me what you think of my story and writing in general.
So leave a review, okay? ^^

First chapter Story information Read it here

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