Game of Thrones – A Crossing of a Bridge

Language Genre Rated
English Family / Romance K

Yey! Another WritersChallenge!
This time the theme was: ‘Crossing the Bridge’

I was actually debating my self a lot about what I was gonna do with this one. Sure, I could do a physical crossing of a bridge, but I could also do a psychological little thing. For the longest time I was leaning towards the psychological one, but then I decided not to because I realized that I wouldn’t get to go in the depth that I wanted in the remaining time.

So then I was left with the physical one. At first I thought of doing a Naruto story – building a story around the arc with ‘the great Naruto bridge’ in the beginning of the Anime – featuring Zabuza and Haku. However, I thought it would be nice with some other fandoms too.

So, Game of Thrones. Well, I’ve been watching the TVShow since the third season, and I’m also currently reading up on the books. Naturally, thinking of the theme, my mind wandered off to the House of Frey and the crossing of the bridge there. For some reasons, I’ve always thought that family interesting, and I chose this opportunity to do a little piece featuring one of the characters I like: Roslin^^

As always I do appreciate reviews, so please take the time to leave one once you’re done reading, okay?

  Story information Read it here

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