Moon Witches – Chapter 01 – “A mug of black gold”

Language Genre Rated
English Friendship / Supernatural / Drama T
Well, this is one of the first original stories of certain length I’ve been writing in a long time. Sure, I have the cute little ones from my childhood and my fanfictions, but this is something entirely else since I’m not 7 old years anymore or have an exciting universe to fall back on. It’s all up to me and my own imagination.

Anyway, I really hope you like it, and if you do have any question then don’t waver to contact me. The same goes for reporting errors and other mistakes I’ve made. I really wanna get better at writing so all feedback is welcome. That said, if you don’t have anything else to say than that you liked it, that’s fine too^^

Oh, and I also wanna thank my friend ‘Boble’ for spending hours listening to and helping me with bettering the story – thank you, I’ll make sure to bother you again in the future.

Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Harper has always felt as she was living as the golden mean of, well, everything. She’s neither tall or low, thick or thin, and there really isn’t anything remarkable or special with her in any way. That is, when not considering that she’s a witch; attending a secret, yet famous, school of magic. Will she remain the same? or will a fatal mistake change everything?

I hope you like it.

  MOON WITCHES Read it here

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