NaNoWriMo 2015 – Day 1

Word Count Timeline Goal
1.686 01 / 30 50.000
It’s once again our favorite time of year – yeah, it’s NaNoWriMo!

I usually put up a countdown post in the preparation to Nano, but this November I just kept pushing it and delaying it and then I realized that it was already November XD

So, this year I thought I might as will do something else – jupp, a daily update of today’s writing. Saying this, I don’t mean that I will publish a post every single day with a paragraph or two of what i did that one day, no, that would be to spam a little too much. What I will do, is to gather all of these notes in a document, and then I will post it all on the summary page I make of the event when November is over. It will be like a little diary I guess^^

Anyway I will still do the check points. However, I don’t think I will divide the month into four, but tree. That way I can have one every tenth day – so the 10th, the 20th and the 30th will have one. Saying that, I will also have this one of cause (duh), so I guess it in a way will be four posts.

One thing though. I will not spend much time on facebook this month. The reason behind this is that I feel that I get really distracted there. I will look in once in a while, but it might take time for me to check it. That goes for my private account, put I plan on spending more time on my like-page, so you should be able to contact me there, as well as reading my daily updates. The same goes for twitter too, so feel free to tweet me^^

So, what about you readers? Are you planning on participating in NaNoWriMo? And if you are, what are you plans and goals? I know the set goal is 50.000, but my personal one is 30.000. It’s not that I won’t try to go for the golden 50k, but I just feel that it might be to stretch it a little. But yeah, I wanna know about you, so tell me, tell me^^

I guess that is all for today.
I hope you all are well and that you are plenty inspired^^

Until next time.
– Winny

NaNoWriMo Nov. 2015

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