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Naruto – Why don’t you marry me – for real – Chapter 1

Language Genre Rated
English Drama / Romance T
I’ve mentioned this story before, and now it’s finally time to get it out there. I’m really excited to work with this story in the future, and I hop e that you will enjoy reading it as well.  So, that said, please do leave a comment or review to tell me what you think of the story so far..
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Ready or not

Language Genre Rated
English Angst /Suspense T
It’s been a while since the last song- Still, I feel kind of happy with the end result. That said, I’d love to hear what you think of it as well – so leave a comment or a review.
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Vampire Knight – A Bloody Rose – Part 12 – The Unavoidable Consequences

Language Genre Rated
English Romance / Hurt / Comfort T
A shorter chapter this time, but not every chapter can be as eventful as the previous one. But yeah, as always, make sure to leave a review^^
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The Last Apprentice – Daddy’s Devilish Diary – A Helping Hand

Language Genre Rated
English Hurt / Comfort / Family M
It’s been a whole year since GoldenWhiteRose and I talked about a third addition to this little collection. We were prepared for it to take some time, but I think neither of us had thought it would be more than a year. Still, we are both happy with what it turned out to be, and we also hope that you think it have been worth the wait.

That’s all for this time, but please leave a review in the end to tell us what you think, and also tell us if you’d like us to do more of these.

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Happy New Year! [2015/2016]

It is new year! It’s a bit scary to think of, but it has already been an entire year since the last time I wrote one of these. A year is 52 weeks – that is 365 days. So, with that in mind, it is now time to look at the year that has ended, and also to have a look at what is to come in this new year – both when it come to my stories and also when it comes to writing events and other news.

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