Happy New Year! [2015/2016]

It is new year! It’s a bit scary to think of, but it has already been an entire year since the last time I wrote one of these. A year is 52 weeks – that is 365 days. So, with that in mind, it is now time to look at the year that has ended, and also to have a look at what is to come in this new year – both when it come to my stories and also when it comes to writing events and other news.

2015 followed close in the footsteps of 2014. During that year I had managed to get something written and published every, single Sunday from March and until the end of December. During the November NaNoWriMo that year, I did had a little collection of material I could publish, but most of this was published without writing new stuff – as I was taking a holiday from writing after completing my Christmas story for that year. This turned out to be a bad idea. The vacation got to me, and I fell out of the productivity and also many parts of writing. Not only did I not get a weekly story up, but I also felt less and less motivated to write – and even my ‘WritersChallenges’ ended up pretty half-hearted. I tried to pick myself up in the CampNaNoWriMo-events, but also here did I do way worse that I had hoped.

Still, even with all these things, I don’t feel that this year was a total flop. Sure, I didn’t live up to the expectations I – and maybe you too – had, but I did get to think about things in a new way. In 2014 was most of what I did based on either oneshots or stories with very few chapters. I feel that though the number of pieces in 2015 was much lower, the number of words might not be that far off as I feel it might have been. I have worked of longer stories; stories with both more chapters and higher word counts per chapter. In a way this is something that is better for me when it comes to my dream to get a book published – as most books consists of only one long story and not many small pieces.

If I am to name the thing I am happiest about in 2015, I think it must be my latest creation: “Christmas in las Noches” – my Christmas Calendar story of the Bleach fandom. I did one in 2014 as well – this one from the Naruto universe – and I was actually in the planning mode even as I completed the last one. The plan was to really get down and work with it in the summer so that it would be all done and betaed when December arrived. Well, it didn’t happen, and I found myself in need to write it almost on the day. It was hard and I had wanted to avoid it, but this year this felt easier than last year – and I ended up with a story of 30.000 words. It’s amazing, and I can’t stop thinking that I did really good on it. That said, the story will be opened up again and I will do some re-writing and also edits of it.

That leads us into the new year. It is now 2016 and this year I have made a lot of plans. That said; I have not planned to do a lot, but it’s more that I have spent a lot of time on the planning and scheduling of the year to come. First of all I want to say that there will not be a weekly story. I could have tried, but I’m afraid that if I did, then I would stress with it and the stories would both be shorter than and also done in a haste. BUT I will give you something that I feel is the next best thing: Three uploads a month. Also, instead of using specific days of the week, I will have dates instead. So, this year, all you need to remember is the number EIGHT. Yup, that’s right. All dates with an eight will be an upload day: the 8th, the 18th and the 28th.

Also, something else that I will focus on is the continuity of my works. First of all will this focus be on “A Bloody Rose”. My Vampire Knight story has been dragged along for way too long. Who would have thought that a supposed oneshot would take about a year to write and would end up consisting of sixteen parts? Well, I will make it come to an end within the end of March!

After that I will turn my eyes to “Tainted Love” and try to get it done during the summer – or the end of October at least. Also, I will get back to “Burning” as I once again fell in love with the Espada when doing the Christmas story. The only thing is that I do know the content of the next chapter and also of the three last ones, but I don’t have a plan for how many chapters should be in between those or all of the things that would happen. So yeah, I plan to get a good outline of it before the summer so that it can be my focus after “Tainted Love”

But yeah, enough about my stories. I guess you might be wondering about stuff that involves you, right? Well, I have already decided and published the dates for FOUR WritersChallenges between January and the middle of April. This year I will try to get more 7-days challenges since it was requested during 2015.

Oh, and something else. I have finally gotten around to start up a Let’s Play of the Sims 4. I have played sims a lot and so this will not take up much more of my time than before – except the time it will take to export it and to upload it to YouTube. So yeah, please feel free to check it out by going here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh8mdGG7hO4.

I guess this is a good example of the fact that it’s never too late to get anything done or to try out something new. I feel that this is something that’s important to remember and I will like to remind you that this is something that you should have in mind to. Because, when it comes down to it, it’s just as Miwa says:

What you want to be ? What you want to do ?
Whatever you want to be, you can be
Where you want to be ? Where you want to go ?
Wherever you want to go, you can go
When you want to know ? When you want to go ?
Whenever you want to go, you can go

Believe in yourself
No matter how far you have to go
Don’t stop your steps
No matter how hard the winding road will be

No matter how much rain and pain,
No matter how much wear and tear you may have
We are in this together, forever, I will always be there
Everything’s gonna be alright, nothing’s gonna bother us right now
The answer lies in nowhere but inside of our own hearts

With this in your heart and mind, I really hope that this new year will be another fantastic one when it comes to connecting with you guys. I often talk of it, but you guys are really a big part of what makes me able to do what I do. It might not seem like much when you send me a simple review of seven words; telling me that you enjoyed the chapter, but it truly makes my heart jump in joy – and I’m not even kidding. I feel that, as much as you are fans of mine, I’m just as big a fan of the community and all that we all give to each other – be it stories, review or discussions. That said, if you have any questions or themes that you want to discuss with me – be it based on my works or the fandom or writing in general – remember that I will be here and more than willing to have a chat or a conversation.

I wish you the very best,


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