Attack on Titan – The Mysterious Christmas Calendar – Prologue

Merry Christmas!

December is coming, and so is this year’s Christmas Calendar:


Click ‘READ MORE’ for the link and more infomation^^

Prologue – The Mysterious Christmas Calendar – Prologue


Other than that:

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Why? Well, I haven’t quit writing or anything, it’s just that I’m having a hard schedule this year and don’t have time for much other than school and work.

I know, it’s sad, but in June I will be free, and I’ll try to get back to my old writing schedule. Oh, and a new homepage made from bottom – if I manages to complete it by then.

But yeah, that’s in like 6 or 7 months – so let’s just enjoy the Calendar – right?

Love you all,
– Winny


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