Okay, so my last ‘ABOUT ME’ was a little too long. I’ll to keep it short and informative this time.

Oh, and I’ve been featured in an Authors Spotlight, and you can check it out here: “Kelpie – Author Spotlight: WinnifredArtemis”

Who am I?

That’s a good question. I’m Winny, but most of internet knows me as WinnifredArtemis or WinnyArty. I’m a Norwegian girl born in 1993 that loves to work with universes and characters. Most of these are fanfictions – I have to admit, but I just can’t resist work with what I love. So yeah, feel free to check them out on the FANFICTION page. I’ve also been doing some original work – songs, poems and stories – check them out on the ORIGINAL STORIES page.

Why this blog?

Even though I don’t post my stories here on this blog I’ve found it practical for many different reasons. The main one is to give you the possibility to stay updated on my projects. Sure, you can subscribe to my accounts on fanfiction.net and fictionpress.net, but then you’ll just get a mail when I do something – and nothing more. You could also follow me on social media like Facebook or Twitter, but then the post might drown in the feed. So yeah, that might be the main reason why you should follow me here^^

Another good reason is that I have so much more information about my stories that I just can’t get to squeeze into the chapters I publish. Wouldn’t it be fun to get to know the inspiration behind the work? How the story changed from the idea to the published story? To see the pictures I’ve made of the houses and worlds the characters life in? Well, that is what I want to give you guys.

Contacting me:

I’ve always had an ‘open door’ policy. Why? Well, what is a creative person without feedback and comments? I might not be a world famous painter or a published author, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t need feedback – rather the opposite! So yeah, if you have thought about my work – do tell! Do I have to work on a certain setting? Have I learned the wrong grammar? Do I have to work on my character descriptions? Or did you think I did a remarkably good job on a certain part? Well, I can’t know unless you tell me. My contact channels aren’t only open for constructive critique. If you have questions to me about my story, my characters, my universe or just about plain all me – fire away! I mean, why do you think Q&A exists?

So yeah, contact me by using the CONTACT page – either the form there or the links on the left^^


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