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Author Spotlight: WinnifredArtemis

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I’ve been featured in an ‘Author Spotlight’!
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“Kelpie – Author Spotlight: WinnifredArtemis”

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Q&A – June

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Time for a new Q&A. I notice that these time the questions were mostly about my writing/blogging and not me as a person^^

– You’ve haven’t kept your publishing dates, why?

Well, sorry about that. I did put up a lot of dates both her on my blog and on One of the reasons were so that I could push myself to write more, but I also did it so that you would see me as a more ‘serious’ writer.

– Why is ‘Burning’ updated so rarely?

‘Burning’ is a story I started on a long time ago and because of this I really want to be sure I’m happy with the results. The reason for the very long breaks were caused by the fact that I just couldn’t find ‘the perfect way’ to end the chapter. Since I started writing again I’ve kinda got ridden of that rule. But yeah, if you meant the two mounts between each update that is the interval now, then it’s because I have a lot of other writing too, and that I don’t feel like rushing it. If you thing I should focus more – then do vote on my poll on or just tell me – cause I’m more than happy to let you have a saying in my prioritizing.

– Which story do you enjoy writing the most?

Oh, that’s a difficult one… I guess I really like to write my new and ORIGINAL story that will be publish in July – at least the first chapter. The story will kinda be like a book, and I really, really like it. Be sure to subscribe to me on different social medias and on (winnifredartemis) to get read when it’s out.

– What kinds of reviews are you going to publish on your blog?

I’ll publish a little of everything I guess. Untiol now it’s been Anime, Movies, TVshows and WEBseries and also fanfictions, but I’m also planning to do some mangas, books and games. I guess you could say that I’m up for anything. So yeah, do you want something reviewed do tell me. The only thing is that it might take some time – especially if it’s a long series. (See, I haven’t forgotten you and ‘Supernatural’).

Q&A – April

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– How old are you?

Right now I’m 20 years old.

– What grade are you in?

I’m in my first year of university collage.

– What’s your favorite color?

Well, I guess purple is my favorite at the moment, but I also like turquoise quite a bit too.

– What’s your favorite hair style you wear?

That was a strange question. Hmm… Right now it’s braiding some of the hair of each side together and let it go across the back of my head and down on my right side. If that made any sense to you.

– What do you want to be when your grow up?

A difficult question. There is so much I wanna be. I wanna be a secretary, a writer, a housewife, a maid, a reviewer, a translator, a plot developer, a designer, a web consultant, a librarian. Well, you get the idea.

– How long have you been writing?

Well, I’ve always liked to write. Back in the old days I started on stories but never manged to get past the first chapter. So yeah, if that counts, then the answer is when I was 7 years old. If a criteria was that the story had to have an ending, well, then I guess you could say I was 13 years old.

– What is your favorite pairing?

That’s a really hard question. I mean, there are so many to choose from – and so many fandoms. I’m not sure, but let’s say Kiba and Hinata from Naruto. FunFact: Almost all m favorite pairings consists of a boy I like and a girl I don’t like.

– When talking about your story “Ninjaenes forundelige kjærlighetsbånd” you told me you were going to pair up a lot of different characters. Why are you doing this?

Ah, yeah, a little spoiler. Well, for you English speaking: The story has a lot of couples. most stories have “clean” pairings, but in this one there are a lot of unrequited love, secret love and jealously. I guess the meaning of it was that I back then couldn’t decide what I liked the most of for instance NejiTen and LeeTen. So yeah, there are a lot back and forth and stuff – and kinda chaotic – but isn’t that what life really is?

– Of all your stories, which story is your greatest achievement?

Without doubt – “Burning”. It’s the story of most words, chapters and also the one with the most depth.