CampNaNoWriMo – April 2015

Result During Goal
43.006 April 30.000

My second camp! This one came kinda suddenly on me. I mean, the one in July is the ‘camp’-one for me, and then the one in November is the main one, but this one? April? And also ‘camp’? Why not call it something else so that it doesn’t get confused with the July-one? Well, never mind that now, it’s time to sum up the event.

After making it to 50k in November, I felt a little tempted to do that again, however, I knew that there was other stuff happening too, and instyead I chose to go for 30k – 5k more than my July-count. Also, I haev to admit that 1k a day sounded very nice and round.

Week one:
As always I had  a bunch of energy and willpower in the beginning. I was starting as soon as the clock hit midnight, and wrote until dawn – not joking. The reason behind this was that I was going away that morning, so this was the only chance I had to update my count in the cabin before returning on the sixth. Even though I was hidden away from the cyber-world, I still did my best while on holiday, and when I came home I was ahead of the schedule..

Week two:
The second week was a hard one for me. There was a workshop that I was going to wok on and it was held in another city and I knew that it would probably eat away most of the time Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I did fall behind with quite bit but, by forcing myself through a loooot of Jane Austen writing, I managed to catch up.

Week three:
I think the Jane Austen thing had sucked out all of my energy, cause this week I had now creative juice at all. I still tried though, but it was quite hard. I hit the official goal this week, and that was a happy moment. However, I think it also did put a stopper for some of my motivation, and I kinda relaxed more than I should.

Week four:
Still in the happy place created by the winning, I chose to focus on finishing off a lot of preciously started projects instead of puking out words. I know I know. NaNo is about the number of words, but I felt that it was more important for me to clean up my desk so that I wouldn’t get as distracted in future projects.

After CampNaNoWriMo:
Well, nothing much really. I’m gonna continue working on writing more on my ongoing stories. A part of this also to complete stuff, so yeah.

Results of CampNaNoWriMo:
As I said, I worked on quite a lot of different stories. Here’s a list of them:

  • Anime – Bleach – “Burning”
  • Anime – Fruits Basket – “Mystery Mom”
  • Anime – Naruto – “Jane Austens: Ino”
  • Anime – Naruto – “Spin the bottle”
  • Anime – Naruto – “The Uchiha-massacre”
  • Anime – Shugo Chara! – “You better be there!”
  • Anime – Vampire Knight – “A Bloody Rose”
  • AsianDrama – Healer – “A final lesson from an old, perverted fool”
  • AsianDrama – Healer – “Kiss of a snowflake”
  • Book – The Dresden Files – “Let it go”
  • Original Song – “Baby Baby”
  • Original Story – “Maria”

And, here is my word count from day to day – for those of you that are interested in stats:

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