CampNaNoWriMo – July 2014

Result During Goal
25.131 July 25.000

I’m so proud om myself right now. Normally, all I can write is one chapter of 2-3k each week, which is a total of 12.000 words a month. However, a friend of mine managed to talk me into joining NaNoWriMo – or rather the CampNaNoWriMo. I actually had no hopes to reach my own goal, but I thought that at least could try. I mean, I was going to write anyway.

I was really unsure what I should do. Should I plan? And if so, how much? It ended up with me making a nice little post-it with the title of stories that I should work on. Nothing much, really.So, because I knew that I had no chance in hell of ever reaching the normal goal of 50.000 words, I ended up putting my own goal far below that. I wanted to put it at 10.000 in the beginning, but my friend made be increase it to 20.000 and then in the end 25.000.

Week one:
I was really nervous as I saw the countdown. It was as if I was trapped inside something and that the close to midnight it got, the close I was to being squashed. However, as the computer told me that it was no longer June, I was writing. The first week felt kinda weird, not the first day – I mean, I’m used to writing in the night, but the second day… I’m just not used to writing every single day. And as the days passed by, I kinda understood why I didn’t do just that. In the end of that week, and in the end of the week my count was 7.215, 1.570 words ahead of the schedule.

Week two:
As week one was over, I kinda felt as my body was expecting this all to be over. I became lazy while still working, and ended up with just staring blankly at the screen for many hours without writing more than a paragraph. Still, this was the week that I managed to do something kinda awesome. I had a Norwegian story from middle school that I had written with a fandom in mind, and what I now did was finding the file and translating it. Not only that, but my oneshot of 600 words ended up as a story of three chapters and more than 5.000 words. To see that I was actually able to do something like this inspired me, and in the end of the week my count was 10.785, 302 words ahead of the schedule.

Week three:
After the last week I was so ready to continue working hard. This failed however as I discovered that I couldn’t just pull another great performance out of my head. So, I struggled a bit, and I mostly worked on a lot of different stories – just getting some words down. In the end of the week my count was 18531, 2.384 ahead words of the schedule.

Week four:
The last week was the most hectic one. Not that I was far behind on the word count or anything, it was more the fact that I was going away to stay at a cabin with some friends in the end of the month. Because of this I knew that I had to get done as much as possible and, if it was possible, get finished within the 26th of July – 5 day’s prior to the original end date. Well, I managed it. It was hard and brought out a lot of frustration out of me, but luckily my head managed to pull off another great story of three chapters. I then went to the page to ensure that my word count was right, and as I did, I learned that I had passed my goal and had a total of 25.131 words – 131 more than needed. That done, I celebrated for a short while, before packing my bags.

After CampNaNoWriMo:
I was so happy that I’d made it, but I still felt as I could do something more. I don’t know. I guess it might have been because it was still July. However, I managed to stay away from the computer, and did a lot of fun stuff with my friends instead. 

For a while after this challenge I was tired. I didn’t keep on writing a chapter a week as I did before – not that that matter since I had quite a few unpublished chapters to put up. However, as September arrived, I kinda got myself together and started to write again.  I guess that CampNaNo gave me a little shock and that the after effects made me stay away from writing. Still, as I started writing again, I began appreciating the event, and also decided to join the one in November.

Results of CampNaNoWriMo:
As I said, I worked on quite a lot of different stories. Here’s a list of them:

  • Anime – Bleach – “Burning”
  • Anime – Naruto – “It was you”
  • Anime – Naruto – “In Between the Lines”
  • Anime – Naruto – “Tainted Love”
  • Anime – Vampire Knight – “What about us?”
  • Book – Harry Potter – “The girl with the ribbon”
  • Book – The Last Apprentice – “Daddy’s Devilish Diary”
  • And my original story: “Moon Witches”

And, here is my word count from day to day – for those of you that are interested in stats:

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