NaNoWriMo – November 2014

Result During Goal
50.137 November 50.000

I did it! I seriously did it! I actually completed NaNoWriMo – and not only my personal goal of 30.000 words, but the main, official one of 50.000 words. I can’t believe it! I feel totally awesome about this. Anyway, let’s have a look of the process^^

Before NaNo started I wanted to be prepared. During the CampNaNo this summer I felt like one of my biggest problems was having enough stories to work on. I know, I know, most people writes on one, long novel the entire month, but I don’t work like that. So yeah, my job was to get enough ideas lined up to be written.

I mentioned in the start that I hadnæt planned on going for the public goal of 50.000 word. The reason for this was that this month was one day shorter than July, included school and work; and that I barely managed 25.000 back then, So, because of all this I put my goal on 30.000.

Week one:
As the calendar on my computer jumped from October to November I typed my first letter. I knew that my excitement would be at its best in the beginning of the quest, and that I should get down as much as I could possibly manage. I worked as much as I could, and to my surprise the excitement stayed with me for most of that week, and in the end of the week my count was 13.388, 55 words ahead of the schedule.

Week two:
I still manage to keep up the pace this week. My guess is that this mainly was because of all the chapters I had to write for the Christmas story I  wanted to write – which meant that I had to get 24 chapters – with a total of 20k done as quickly as possible.  In the end of the week my count was 25373, 373 words ahead of the schedule.

Week three:
This was probably the hardest part for me. I had been doing so great, but as I entered the third week it suddenly just stopped. I have no idea why. The only reason I might think of it that even though I still had more to write on my Christmas piece, I was slowly getting tired of it – something that I really didn’t want to happen. So for a while I was in a horrible mood, but then I suddenly managed to write a whole chapter on “Burning” and than make out a layout for the rest of the chapters of it. So, in the end of the week my count was 38.414, 81 ahead words of the schedule.

Week four:
I won’t have believed it if I hadn’t been there myself. This week was both amazing and terrible at the same time. Awesome because I saw that I might actually be able to pass the REAL goal, but also because I knew that I in a few days could take a break and not write for a while. However, the terrible of it was what I so most of the week. At this point I had given up on the Christmas story and tried to work on other pieces instead. The only problem was that I had none. So, from this week I have a lot of little pieces of stories, just scenes that I felt like writing, but that I coun’d not make out to a story. However, as I reached the last day, my enthusiasm came back, and I put all my powers into crossing the finishing line. Which I managed – with 137 words more than needed.

After NaNoWriMo:
It’s not an exaggeration to say that I feel back onto my back in the bed as I ran my words through NaNo’s word counter and it told me that I had passed the test. 

Now, in December, I think that the biggest reason that I managed it was that I had a lot of support. Not from friends and family in my private life, but from other competitors. During November we had tons of fun sprinting with each other – even those who’d passed their goals stay in the game – dragging us across the line. I’m really grateful for all of you that sprinted with me – I really couldn’t have do it without you!

Results of NaNoWriMo:
So, as I said: I like to work on many little stories instead of one big one. In the end, this is all the stories I ended up working on:

  • Anime – Attack on Titan – “Every Girl is Capable of Murder”
  • Anime – Bleach – “Burning”
  • Anime – Fruits Basket – “All the lies”
  • Anime – Fruits Basket – [Untitled] (Momiji’s mom)
  • Anime – Naruto – “A very Naruto Christmas”
  • Anime – Naruto – “As long as you stay”
  • Anime – Naruto – “His word”
  • Anime – Naruto – “Love = Ugly flower”
  • Anime – Naruto – “Tainted Love”
  • Anime – Naruto – “The confusing bonds of the ninjas”
  • Anime – Naruto – [Untitled] (GaaMatsu 100)
  • Anime – Naruto – [Untitled] (Salada)
  • Anime – Naruto – [Untitled] (Shikamaru)
  • Anime – Yosuga no Sora – [Untitled]
  • Book – The Dresden Files – “Let it go”
  • Book – The Last Apprentice – [Untitled] (Alice 2)
  • Book – The Last Apprentice – [Untitled] (Wonderland)

And, here is my word count from day to day – for those of you that are interested in stats: 

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