24 – WhiteDay 2015

Year: Date: Day:
2015 March 14th Saturday
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Yey! Time for yet another WritersChallange! The theme this time is: ‘White Day’ – again! At this time last year I was doing the exact same challenge – so I guess this is turning into a tradition. Much have happened since then, and I love how others have joined me in my event. I wonder how many we will be next year at this time^^.

So, what is ‘WhiteDay’?:
In Japan, Valentine’s Day is typically observed by girls and women presenting chocolate gifts (either store-bought or handmade), usually to boys or men, as an expression of love, courtesy, or social obligation. Handmade chocolate is usually preferred by the recipient because of the perception of sincerity, effort, and emotion put into a home-made confection.

On White Day, the reverse happens: men who received a honmei-choco (‘chocolate of love’) or giri-choco (‘courtesy chocolate’) on Valentine’s Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts. Traditionally, popular White Day gifts are cookies, jewelry, white chocolate, white lingerie, and marshmallows. Sometimes the term literally, sanbai gaeshi (‘triple the return’) is used to describe the generally recited rule that the return gift should be two to three times the worth of the Valentine’s gift.

Here are the results of this event’s hard work:

Author: Title: Link:
Andre Postigo “The perfection of simplicity” READ
Ann Shannon “Stepping Out” READ
Gjalt Van Werkhoven “Wish of an Angel” READ
Isis Jennoter “Luke’s predicament” READ
Mohit Goyal “White Day” READ
WinnifredArtemis “Someday…” READ
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