I really love to write fanfictions. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but it might be that I just adore the universes around me so much and wish to contribute to them in the only way I can. Most of the fanfictions I’ve written is based on Anime universes – and Naruto most of all.

So yeah, that’s kinda all I have to say about fanfiction. I hope you enjoy them and do feel free to give me feedback.

I do have quite a few stories, and after thinking about it for a long while, I’ve decided to put them in three different categories:
* Ongoing – All stories, regardless of language, that will get new chapters.
* Completed (English)
* Completed (Norwegian)

Withing these categories I’ll sort them in order of the media, the universe, then the title. Example:
* Anime – Fruits Basket – “I’m going for you”
* Book – The Last Apprentice – “Another way out”
* TVShow – Merlin – “A Jealous Queen”


Anime English Ongoing Hurt / Comfort
Vampire Knight Rated T 9,5k -> Romance
Zero is struggling to hide his growing vampire nature. He has tried to keep it at bay, but lately it has grown stronger and he is now painfully aware of the red fluid. Will he be able to hold it in? Or will he lose to his inner monster and launch out on those he care about the most? And if he learned of a cure to his miserable life, how far would he be willing to go to get it?

Anime English Ongoing Drama
Bleach Rated M 27,4k -> Romance
It had been more than a week since Aizen had ordered Ulquiorra to get the human friend of Ichigo Kurosaki. From the moment he had seen the woman, had he known she meant trouble. Orihime wasn’t scared anymore. After all, why should she be? One more time she would feel a shockwave of pain, but then it would be over –for good.

Anime English Ongoing Drama
Naruto Rated T 14,8k -> Romance
Kiba Inuzuka has had special feelings for his teammate for quite a while. Nobody knew about this, and especially not Hinata. What will happen when he finally comes out and confesses his feelings? How will Hinata react? and how will the head of the Hyuuga family look at this event.

Anime English Ongoing Drama
Naruto Rated K+ 22,7k -> Romance
Ino is a rich, high classed girl that loves playing match maker. The people she takes interest too soon get together to marry, but what happens when she makes a mistake? And what about her own happiness and future? A story ‘translated’ into Naruto from the well known story of ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen.

Anime Norwegian Ongoing Drama
Naruto Rated T 4,4k -> Romance
Det å leve som en ninja er ikke lett. Mye forventes av deg, og du kan aldri vite hva som komme til å skje med deg og de rundt deg. I et slikt samfunn hadde det kanskje vært best å holde seg for seg selv, men de føler allikevel en trang til samhold og danner vennskapsbånd. Noen føler derimot mer for visse venner enn for andre. Hvordan kommer det til å gå i en verden av krig og død?

Book English Ongoing Hurt/Comfort
The Last Apprentice Rated M 6,3k -> Family
A story I did together with my friend GoldenWhiteRose. It’s a story that takes place after Alice has left Tom’s side in the fifth book, and tells the tale of what can happen to a young girl traveling alone. At the same time we see it through the Fiends eyes and get a clearer image of the relationship between him and his daughter.

Book English Ongoing Friendship
Harry Potter Rated T 3,3k -> Mystery
It’s the first day of a new school year at Hogwarts. Friends getting together after a summer break, and old enemies clashing together. In the middle of it all stands a girl that is unknown to them all. A girl with a ribbon. Who is she? And why do the sorting hat place her so wrongly? Or was it right?


Anime English Completed Friendship
Attack on Titan Rated T 1,9k Hurt / Comfort
Mikasa is reflecting on her life – both as a soldier and a private person. Her dreams, her hope, her past and future. All that she is and wish to be.

Anime English Completed Friendship
Fruits Basket Rated K+ 1,0k Hurt/Comfort
Life as a soldier isn’t easy. Still, they’re still only humans, and all humans are allowed to feel and to love.

Anime English Completed Drama
Fruits Basket Rated T 2,4k Romance
Akito is more than she seems. What she does is the effect of what happened when she fell in love…

Anime English Completed Friendship
Fruits Basket Rated K+ 2,0k Romance
It White Day and Momiji has invited Tohru and her friends to a trip to the hot-springs. Kyo didn’t really plan to go, but then he changes his mind. This is the untold story of what really happened that made Kyo change his mind and chose to join the others. POV: Kyo.

Anime English Completed Family
Fruits Basket Rated K+ 1,2k Mystery
Mrs. Sohma have many times wondered about the upbringing of Momiji Sohma. Who is he are who are his parents? Well, she will have to ask her husband, maybe he’ll know.

Anime English Completed Comedy
Naruto Rated K+ 24,1k Friendship
For you that want to get the idea of this very quick: This is a 24 chapter story that will be updated every day of December as a countdown to Christmas and that tells the story of many Naruto characters celebrating the holidays. The length will be about 20 k. To you others: There is a much better explanation in the very fist chapter. Check it out before dismissing the story, okay?

Anime English Completed Drama
Naruto Rated K+ 2,8k Romance
Rock Lee has loved Sakura for quite a while, but he knows all to well that the love is one sided. Or is it? And will they be able to figure it out before it’s too late?

Anime English Completed Drama
Naruto Rated T 2,4k Romance
Because of their parents, Salada grew up having to deal with Bolt. Sure, it was okay in the beginning, but as they grew older, he started acting more and more like an idiot. Is there any reason behind this new behavior? And what will Salada do when she can’t seem to get him out of her sight?

Anime English Completed Friendship
Naruto Rated K 5,9k Romance
The story is about Matsuri. It’s been some time since Gaara was made Kazekage, and by taking on the responsibility he had less and less time for his student. Matsuri goes down memory lane and have to admit that she really misses having him around. She can of cause see him – but only in official business. That’s why she get’s so wary when receiving a very official looking message from his office.

Anime English Completed Friendship
Naruto Rated K+ 6,3k Romance
Each year, on the day after his birthday, Shikamaru wakes up with a strange feeling. What can it be? And will he be able to figure it out before it’s too late?

Anime English Completed Family
Naruto Rated T 2,1k Friendship
The 8 year old Sasuke Uchiha discovers that there is different types of relationships. To get some more knowledge, and experience, he confronts his older brother Itachi.

Anime English Completed Hurt / Comfort
Naruto Rated T 2,0k Tragedy
A oneshot that tells the story of Itachi as he is forced to take part in the massacre of his clan. A collaboration I did with iPokemon88. Please leave a review to tell us what you think.

Anime English Completed Friendship
Shugo Chara! Rated K+ 1,5k Romance
It’s Valentine’s Day and, to her own surprise, Utau finds herself caring more than she should. What can be the reason? And what will the outcome be?

Anime English Completed Friendship
Vampire Knight Rated K+ 2,3k Romance
Shiki and Rima have always been good friends, but how does Rima feel about the others thinking that she’s addicted to Shiki?

Anime English Completed Family
Yosuga no Sora Rated K+ 1,5k Romance
After an accident, Haru is left in the bed. In difference from their earlier years, Sora is the one having to take care of him. How does she react and feel about this whole thing?

Book English Completed Family
The Dresden Files Rated K 0,6k Tragedy
SPOILERS! You should read ‘SKIN GAMES’ before reading this fanfic.
Mab’s thoughts and reflections after the end of the ‘skin game’. (Not writing more here because of spoilers.)

Book English Completed Drama
The Last Apprentice Rated T 1,7k Romance
Alice POV – Alice has just returned from the dark. After debating with herself, she decides to meet up with Tom. But how will this meeting go? How much will she tell him? And will she be able to do what she must do? Another POV change story. This one is based on the last book in the series.

Book English Completed Drama
The Last Apprentice Rated K+ 1,9k Romance
Alice POV – Alice is banished from Chipenden. How does she take the message, what is she going to do, and how will she take farewell with Tom?

Cartoon English Completed Friendship
Avatar: The Last Airbender Rated K+ 1,6k Romance
It’s been some time since Zuko and Ty Lee last saw each other. Now they meet again as Zuko arrange an open house party at his family’s beach house. Noticing that Ty Lee is no longer inside, Zuko goes outside and down to the beach to search for her. He finds her, and they finally get to catch up and remembering the good old days.

Disney English Completed Angst
Atlantis Rated K 1,9k Family
Milo and Kida’s daughter has grown up in Atlantis, but is she really accepted as a part of their community? How does she react to the community? and how does Milo feel about it all?

TV English Completed Family
Healer Rated K+ 1,1k Friendship
When living a life on the wrong side, you always have to be prepared for the worst. This is the letter Jung-Hoo received from Young-Jae.

TV English Completed Adventure
Merlin Rated K+ 5,6k Friendship
It is still unknown to everyone that The Lady Catrina is troll. She is planning to get the throne for herself by removing Arthur, but will she succeed? Inspired by the ‘Hansel and Gretel’-fairytale.

TV English Completed Drama
The Originals Rated K+ 1,0k Horror
For many years, Elijah has had the same dream over and over again. Does it mean anything? And why is there always a red door present in his mind?


Anime Norwegian Completed Friendship
Vampire Knight Rated K+ 1,4k Romance
Shiki and Rima have always been good friends, but how does Rima feel about the others thinking that she’s addicted to Shiki?

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