A Bloody Rose

Vampire Knight
RND4EVA, Allen Crowley, Soaring Okami
Word count:
10,9k ->

Hurt / Comfort


Zero is struggling to hide his growing vampire nature. He has tried to keep it at bay, but lately it has grown stronger and he is now painfully aware of the red fluid. Will he be able to hold it in? Or will he lose to his inner monster and launch out on those he care about the most? And if he learned of a cure to his miserable life, how far would he be willing to go to get it?

Zero Kiryu Yuki Cross
Shizuka Hio
Kaname Kuran Headmaster Kaien Cross Sayori Wakaba


Chapter 1 – “The Sweet Scent”
Chapter 2 – “The Devil Inside”
Chapter 3 – “The Melting Heart”
Chapter 4 – “The Dangerous Game”
Chapter 5 – “The Unacceptable Price”
Chapter 6 – “The Nice Guy”
Chapter 7 – “The Flustered Octopus”
Chapter 8 – “The Parental Talk”
Chapter 9 – “The Loyal Companion”

Chapter 15 – “?”
[ 2015-01-31 ]
[ 2015-02-05 ]
[ 2015-03-31 ]
[ 2015-04-13 ]
[ 2015-05-09 ]
[ 2015-05-18 ]
[ 2015-06-27 ]
[ 2015-07-21 ]

Authors notes:

This story was my result of the ‘Twisted Fiction’ challenge for January 2015. This time your story was supposed to be based on the fairy tale ‘The Beauty and the Beast’.

I know that my story might not fit the criteria perfect, but I mean, I’m writing it as a fanfic and not an original piece, so based on what  had to work with, I think I did quite a good job with the criteria.

In the beginning I was thinking of doing this story as a oneshot. However, a new semester started at school, and this kinda killed my hopes of actually completing the story before the deadline. So I did as I tend to do – I fixed the plot a little so that I could put it up as chapters instead.

One of the things I find fascinating with writing is that I always end up with doing something different then I had planned to do. So, being as I a, I shouldn’t have been surprised when my first completed chapter, suddenly got moved to be chapter 2.

There were many times during the process that I was considering how much of a romantic relationship between Zero and Yuki I should display. Should I just show it from his side with his thoughts? or should I make them actually get into some romantic scenes? I guess you can see this in the work.

The first I wrote of this story was the second chapter. I had no idea what I was doing or what I should start with, so I just put on some music and let myself just write whatever I felt at that moment..

I made some pins while working on the story. Feel free to check them out:



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