Daddy’s Devilish Diary

The Last Apprentice
Lightning Bee
Word count:
6,3k ->
Hurt Comfort


Growing up isn’t easy – neither for the child itself or the parents watching it happen. In a normal world it would be hard, but in there are dark times in the world, and no one can escape the evil and lustful doings in the world. These stories are chapters from the Fiend’s diary, telling the untold story of the life and of his most treasured daughter, Alice Dean.

This is a joint piece from WinnifredArtemis and GoldenWhiteRose from the POV of the Fiend entitled “Daddy’s Devilish Diary.”WinnifredArtemis voicing the Fiend and GoldenWhiteRose voicing Alice in true Pendle style.

Alice Dean The Fiend
Thomas Jason Ward Bony Lizzy Malkin John Gregory OC


Authors notes:

I guess you could say that it all stared when I published my Valentine story about Tom and Alice in 2014. One of the reviews I got was from Pixie (GoldenWhiteRose), and I was really excited because of it and we ended up exchanging PMs. After a little while we began talking about ideas, and before we knew it we had created the idea for this kind of stories.

The biggest problem was how we were supposed to write it. We live in different countries and time zones, and we don’t use the same programs to write in either. At last we figured it out. We would be responsible for one of the characters each, so that we could work quite freely after deciding the basic plot line.  Personally I think that even though the process isn’t the fastest, we’re still doing a great job^^.

As I mentioned earlier, the process is a bit slow. However, I don’t think that’s really a problem. I mean, only the two of us know that there’ll even be a new part. That why it works I think, cause even though these stories are marked as chapters in one story, it’s more like a lot of oneshots that don’t rely on the others.

In the beginning, the two first chapters were posted separately. This was mostly because we though ‘why not make one more’ – and it was not like we was thinking of doing a lot of them. However, as we came up with the idea for the third one, we decided to put them together so that it would be easier to subscribe to future parts.

I don’t know with Pixie, but I really love the fact that even though you know the plot before reading it, I always get surprised and really into it when she sends me bits of her parts. I mean, I could have imagined a part turning out a specific way, but then she did something entirely different and I’ll be like ‘WOW!’ I did not expect that!

I made some pins while working on the story. Feel free to check them out:



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