Original stories

Original stories… Well, not the choice of title, but yeah, it’s the easiest way to put it. Stories that I have written from scratch and that is based on no other work.

What’s different from the fanfic’s that I have written is that there is a BIG time span between the publishing dates. There is also a different level of the works – since I think I’m gonna publish even what I wrote from when I was seven years old – just because :P

I hope you enjoy them and do feel free to give me feedback.


Book English Coming soon Fantasy
Original Rated K+ ? -> Friendship
[Coming Soon].


Oneshot English Completed Family
Original Rated K 1,0k Friendship
This story is dedicated to the best sister in the world. Even though she isn’t a real sister, I still feel deeply connected to her, and wanted to write her this as a token of our friendship. Once upon a time there were two sisters living together underneath the root of a tree. The two of them had always lived this way, so neither of them had any complains on this matter. [06.01-2011 – 28.01-2011]


Oneshot Norwegian Completed Hurt/Comfort
Original Rated K+ 0,6k Tragedy
One of my old stories (26.11-2008). Back then most of my writing were tragedies, and this is no exception. The story is about a girl visiting the place her brother dies some while ago. Being there brings back a lot of memories, feelings and thoughts.

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