Writers Word

I’ve been writing for some time now and when I look back, I remember the many frustrations and questions I had. I’m not saying that I’m now free from all of these worries – because I still wonder a lot, but I feel now that I now a lot more then when I started out. Back then I had nowhere to go to get answers to my questions. I had no friends that were into writing – neither in person or on the internet, so I had to figure out everything by myself. In writing these articles I hope to be of some help both to new writers and to give you veterans out there a new way of looking at things.If you have any questions or suggestions for a new theme to discuss, please send a message by using this form: [LINK].



Thank you to all those that contributed to my articles by providing me with insightful information and thoughts.

Allen Alsodef Ann Shannon EnvySparkler
GoldenWhiteRose Jakk Dion Kelpie Kevin Velez
Laura Monty Mason Nutellafueled Sakuchii

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