‘Challenges are super fun!’
Well, that’s true most of the times, BUT even if they aren’t, then they are at least productive!

I first tried a challenge because I felt that my productivity I had been trying to push myself to keep writing, but I guess I just lacked the motivation. As a last resort I turned to a challenge, and guess what, it really helped. Since then I’ve always made sure to have a little challenge once in a while.

‘All challenges are the same’
No they are not! There are tons of different challenges out there. Some are just about a theme, some just about the word count and some might have some really strange twists. When you think you’ve seen it all – you stumble upon a dozen more.

So yeah, here are some challenges that are frequent. By this I mean challenges that are online and where people are participating in them at the same time, and that they have had more than one event.

NaNoWriMo is a challenge where you’re to write 50.000 words within a month. The original event is arranged in November each year, but there are similar events arranged in other months – and these are called ‘CampNaNoWriMo’.

WritersChallenge is an event that challenges you to write something based on a given prompt, word or sentence. The events have a limited time of 24 hours or 7 days, and the whole process is to be completed in this period of time.

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